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  • Last updated: 22-Dec-2019
Date (y-m-d)EpisodeSeriesTitle (click on title)
2019-11-050.1IntroductoryLet the Journey Begin
2019-11-101.1First PrinciplesFree Will: Illusion or Reality?
2019-11-171.2First PrinciplesWhat Is Real?
2019-11-240.2IntroductoryFeatures of Isopublic (Part 1)
2019-12-010.3IntroductoryFeatures of Isopublic (Part 2)
2019-12-080.4IntroductoryFeatures of Isopublic (Part 3)
2019-12-161.3First PrinciplesSurvival of the Fittest... Getting It Right
2019-12-2210.1CommentariesNo, Lord Acton, Power Doesn't Corrupt