The Isopublic Initiative (I2) is an online effort of Dean Adair to educate about the model of state polity called isopublic. My intention is for I2 to develop into an organization for the advancement of isopublic. Such an organization will need financial support. As it stands currently, I2 is operating on a shoestring and entirely out of my pocket.

My goal is for I2 to become financially self-supporting. If all goes well, there will be several publications including a Treatise on Isopublic along with continued Discourses podcasts.If you want help isopublic flourish, consider supporting I2 by making a donation. Help keep the flame of freedom lit.

Sincerely, Dean.

About Me, Dean Adair

I began formulating isopublic in 2011 in response to the disgraceful treatment by the Establishment of Ron Paul during his 2012 POTUS run. At that time, I concluded the political system in the US is corrupt to the core, unreformable, and irredeemable. That elective government doesn’t work for the People and never will. Only after much study did I understand why.

That elective government as a political mechanism is intrinsically oligarchic and plutocratic. That the only people who run for public office are either wealthy or are owned by the wealthy. That politicians lie their way into power then exempt themselves from the promises they made to We the People only to take advantage of Us. That the wealthy are wealthy because We make them so, which they then use against Us through the political system that they control.

Thus, I realized We live in a plutocratic oligarchy wherein We are nothing more than cattle for them to exploit.  That to free Ourselves, the political system must be reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up into one that’s accountable and transparent to the People while remaining committed to individual freedom. This is what isopublic is about.

I’m an enthusiast of political philosophy, moral philosophy, history, law, economics, military science… of this, that and the other.

I’m not especially accomplished and have little to no Establishment cred of which I’m particularly proud–though not having it makes paying the bills more challenging.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.